Thursday, September 6, 2012

Prices for clients

Prices & Descriptions (Prices will be updated November 2013)

1. Administrative Support at your business

$12-16 an hour

2. House Sitting
This service is not available at this time

3. Pet care in the clients home

We can help with feeding, pet sitting in the clients home, grooming of pets, and cleaning up of after pets

$13 an hour

4. Dog Walking

We walk multiple dogs at a time

$13 an hour (per dog) for 30min

5. Babysitting

We have previous experience. We babysit children that are ages 5 and up.

$13 an hour

6. Office & Studio cleaning

We can help with sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, bathrooms, organizing, garbage, etc.

$15 an hour

7. Personal Assistant

We can help with admin support, house cleaning, pet care, laundry, and preparing meals.

$14-19 an hour

8. Bookkeeping (with Quickbooks)

$14-$19 an hour

9. Moving help

We can help with packing boxes, unpacking boxes, moving general items (not heavy furniture), etc.

$13 an hour

10. Housekeeping

We can help with sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, bathroom cleaning, washing dishes, mopping, garbage removal, organizing, etc.

$15 an hour

11. Travel Coordinator

We can help with trip details such as air, car, hotel, events, etc. I make the travel plans at the clients home or office.

$14-19 an hour

12. Event Coordinator

We can assist with finding the right space, gathering materials & resources

We can organize class trips, workshops, trainings, conferences, expos, and festivals.

$14-19 an hour

13. Plant Care in the home

We can help with watering plants and pruning

$13 an hour

14. Workshop Helper

We can help instructors with research, phone calls, preparing notes & materials, space set-up, etc.

$14-19 an hour

15. Elderly Care & Sitting

We have previous experience.I have also work with the elderly as a home health aide in the past.

$15 an hour

16. Hair Locking

Visit for more info & prices

17. Personal Organizer

Get help with cleaning out your closets, bookshelves, garages, & rooms and get your home in order

$14-19 an hour

18. Homework Helper/Tutor

Grade 3-8. In reading, writing, and math.

$14 an hour