Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awesome Creative Opportunities for The Right People

Here are some great Creative Opportunities for the right people:

1. Creative Projects Partner

I am looking for a creative projects partner who lives in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Someone who I can exchange ideas & help with for our creative projects and work

I have a few projects I am working on.

I would like someone who is:

- interested in the arts

- involved in their own projects, work, or business

- someone who is well-healed, Reiki attuned and has a daily spiritual practice

- kind, creative, highly organize, discipline and responsible

I would like for my creative partner and I to do our exchange in fun, joy, ease, kindness, clarity and fairness

We can:

- help each other to stay on track with our individual projects

- inspire and motivate each other

- share ideas and resources

- meet weekly to stay clear about next steps

Email me, if interested.


2. Photographer, Videos, & Flyer Assistance

I would like to barter with a few people in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I can exchange dreadlocking services or Reiki Services

I would like to find:

- people to photograph pics & upload it to sites (does not to be professional but clear and clean shoots)

- people to help me make more youtube videos

- assistance with flyer distributers

Email me, if interested.


3. Personal Coach Wanted

I would like a personal coach who can help me to stay focus on my dreams

I know what I would like but I may need more assistance in making it manifest

I am up for meeting on the weekly basis

I would prefer someone who is healthy, well-healed, has a daily spiritual practice,

and is, at least, Reiki II attuned

I can offer a barter of services (i.e. Reiki sessions, healing treatments, domestic duties, etc.)

Email me, if interested.


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